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What is EDGE UK?
EDGE UK is a revolutionary model where SME's, academia, government entities and the user community, collaborate in an open environment to rapidly deliver new technologies and innovative capabilities to its customers.
What does EDGE UK do?
The EDGE UK creates and maintains an open environment where members and customers can characterise, nurture, develop and deliver current and emerging technologies and capabilities to equip a more mobile, better connected and better informed end-users.
How is EDGE UK different from commercial or government labs?
The open collaborative environment of the EDGE UK helps industry and academia members to better understand user needs and more rapidly develop emerging technologies in a very flexible agile nature. For members, EDGE UK can potentially increase business opportunities in the defence and security markets and between industries, by focusing research investments on technology and capabilities that customers and users truly need. For customers and end users, the EDGE UK provides a forum for "idea incubation" on the art of the possible and affordable using emerging technologies. To create this "idea incubation", the EDGE UK draws from a broad range of technologies that are often not visible to customers. The outcome is a larger set of potential solutions.
How much does it cost to be a member of EDGE UK?
Once we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place, you are classed as an EDGE UK supporter. This means that you will receive newsletters and invitations every now and then (unless you'd rather not). Being an EDGE UK supporter costs you nothing.
There is no fee to be a member of the EDGE UK; once we have met with you and if we jointly decide to undertake a collaborative project, any investment made through time and/or money will be covered by both parties, i.e. costs fall where they lie.
How long does membership of EDGE UK last?
Membership of EDGE UK last for 1 year; after this time and providing there is no ongoing project you will automatically become a supporter of EDGE UK.
Why does General Dynamics sponsor the EDGE UK? What’s in it for them?
As a Prime Systems Integrator, General Dynamics UK needs to be able to access the broadest possible supply base to ensure that our offerings to our customers comprise the latest technologically advanced systems and sub-systems. Many of the most innovative companies are not ones that are familiar with, or to, the traditional defence and security supply chain. To be able to attract and interact with these innovating companies, we developed the EDGE UK concept. We actively seek out new and exciting technology developers with whom to collaborate to enable us to realistically demonstrate that we are leading edge innovation suppliers to the defence market.

New Members

Who are the current members?
A list of current EDGE UK members can be found here.
What are the benefits of becoming an EDGE member?
Benefits of EDGE UK
• Enables novel technology identification and investigation
• Facilitates the introduction of new suppliers into our supply chain
• Helps GDUK's customers to understand the art of the possible with no risk or financial commitment
• Ensures GDUK's product lines are continuously refreshed
• Helps all of GDUK's partners to better understand how innovation can be of real benefit to them
How does my company or organization become an EDGE UK member?
To become a member of the EDGE UK there needs to be a genuine user requirement or capability gap. Initially we will meet with you to discuss your capabilities and any possible collaboration opportunities. Once a project has been agreed you will become a member of EDGE UK. If a project is not relevant at this time you are able to become a supported of EDGE UK and we will keep in touch with the latest news and information on any other EDGE UK members that may be of interest. To introduce your company to EDGE UK contact edgeuk@generaldynamics.uk.com.
My company has Intellectual Property we would like to protect. Does joining the EDGE UK affect our IP?
EDGE UK membership includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This enables our open communication and IP protection with the EDGE UK. If a collaborative project is undertaken any IP will remain with its original owner; any IP created as a result of the project will exploited in the most appropriate manner for that project decided during open discussion between the parties. If at any time it becomes beneficial for you to collaborate with another EDGE UK member, we strongly encourage you to establish an additional NDA with that member organization to provide mutual IP protection.
If we join the EDGE UK, are we prohibited from teaming with other companies, including GDUK' competitors?
Joining the EDGE UK does not bind you to any contractual limitations. The membership agreement is not a teaming agreement and does not prohibit you from doing business with other entities who are not EDGE UK members.


What types of success stories has the EDGE UK experienced?
EDGE UK members have collaborated on several projects that have been either evaluated and fielded to customers or incorporated into ongoing programmes. We at the EDGE UK will be happy to discuss project successes in more detail should we meet.
Does the EDGE UK provide funding to SME's if a project goes ahead?
Due to the nature of EDGE UK, no money changes hands. Any investment or resource allocation for a project is the responsibility of the respective parties. This makes things easier contractually!

How to Participate

EDGE UK offers two levels of membership:

Become an EDGE UK supporter. By signing a nondisclosure agreement, you will be able to have free and frank discussions regarding your capability and potential collaboration opportunities with the EDGE UK team.

Become an EDGE UK member. Once a collaboration opportunity has been agreed undertaking a joint project will give you full membership of EDGE UK.

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