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What is EDGE

The EDGE UK overview
The EDGE UK is a concept, a process, and a facility coming together as a unique innovative business philosophy to facilitate exploitation of novel technology.

The EDGE UK process
EDGE UK is a unique model in which General Dynamics UK, SMEs and academia come together as partners with government organisations and the user community in an open environment to rapidly deliver new technologies and innovative capabilities to customers in the defence market around the world.

Projects are undertaken in a fully collaborative manner with an integrated project team comprising General Dynamics UK's engineers, SMEs and/or academia working together. All Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are fully protected and projects tend to be relatively short in duration, often between 10 days to three months, from start to finish. Removing any formal contracting between the parties streamlines the process and ensures genuine buy-in from all sides.

Should a project be successful, it will be demonstrated at a one-to-one meeting or at a variety of trade shows and events to highlight its capabilities to customers. The intention is to deliver the innovative solution to the end user in rapid time.

The EDGE UK facility
Those who undertake projects through the EDGE UK have access, free of charge, to its facilities and to its team of highly-skilled and innovative engineers.

The EDGE UK facility includes:
laboratory facilities
project demonstration facilities
a large conference room
a team of experienced and innovative engineers.

EDGE UK: the highlights
Explore and develop technologies and new innovations
Rapid collaborative projects to meet customers' and end user needs
Opens up potential new markets to collaborative partners
A state-of-the-art environment where SMEs, academia and others can develop their potential
Continuously refreshes General Dynamics UK's capability portfolio.

How to Participate

EDGE UK offers two levels of membership:

Become an EDGE UK supporter. By signing a nondisclosure agreement, you will be able to have free and frank discussions regarding your capability and potential collaboration opportunities with the EDGE UK team.

Become an EDGE UK member. Once a collaboration opportunity has been agreed undertaking a joint project will give you full membership of EDGE UK.

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